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A Life in Time
A Woman's Journey from Orphanage to Peace Corps
By Kaye Stone

Kaye, at six years old, went to an orphanage with her sisters. She lived there until she was 18 years old when she went to college. In Part One of A Life in Time, Kaye reports how orphanage life was for her during those years. Part Two discusses the early days of a new government program started by President John F. Kennedy, the Peace Corps. Kaye's sisters saved eighty-seven letters she wrote from India as a Peace Corps Volunteer; they are the basis for Part Two.

Kaye adapted to institutional living as a six year old and she adapted to India in the Peace Corps. She lets the reader find out what personality characteristics made her experiences good ones.

One thing for sure, Kaye's orphanage life is not the Oliver Twist situation most people imagine. Her Peace Corps trials and successes show a range of experiences. The reader's eyes will be opened.

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A Life in Time endorsement from President Jimmy Carter
"Kaye Stone's book about her early life and service in the Peace Corps is especially interesting to me because she served in India in the same group as my mother. A much younger Volunteer, Kaye's perspective is quite different, but is an intriguing supplement to my mother's observations about an adventurous, challenging, but gratifying experience."

President Jimmy Carter
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